308 Pitt Street – Downtown Fredericksburg

308 Pitt Street – Downtown Fredericksburg

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This blog will show our progress at 308 Pitt Street in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. If you want to live downtown, within walking distance of many great restaurants, breweries, and attractions, give us a call! This house will be ready on mid-February 2019. Call us!! 

540-686-1111 or 540-300-7777

Call me! I am offering $500 to anyone who can bring us the buyer for 308 Pitt Street. You can’t be a real estate agent to take advantage of my offer. 🙂
Master Bedroom Windows Facing South
Master Bedroom Window Facing South
3rd Floor Window Looking North on Pitt Street. The dumpster has construction trash in it on this day. But keep scrolling to see what happens!
I took the neighbors a case of beer for Christmas since our dumpster has been parked in front of their house for months.

 November 26, 2018 Happy Thanksgiving! Our builder estimates he will be done the last week in January 2019. Pictures of the interior coming soon!


November 4, 2018 Two stories up already!

We selected siding, shingles, and interior paint colors today. This view won’t be here much longer!

1st Floor

View out the front door

It does really take a team. Blackhawk Homes & Gilead Home Solutions with our architect Sarah Hanson in the photo. Also on the team – our real estate attorney Jimmy Hilldrup, our builder Brandon Serbay, insurance agent Heather Goldberg, and real estate agent Marla Aste, who will sell this house to you in a couple months!! Thank you everyone 🙂

October 25, 2018 I met the neighbors a couple weeks ago, but I have not spoken with them since our dumpster was placed in front of their home. 

October 25, 2018 

October 10, 2018 I have never been so excited to see a porta-potty.

September 25, 2018 Permits have been APPROVED!! Finally!! Work to begin the first week in October 🙂


July 9, 2018 Permits have been submitted to the City of Fredericksburg! Hoping for approval in 2-3 weeks. #FingersCrossed

June 2, 2018 We are currently waiting on some soil testing to be completed and our builder will be able to submit the permits to the City of Fredericksburg.


We have our builder – Brandon Serbay with Built Right Homes. He is the Fredericksburg Area Builder’s Association (FABA) 2017 Builder of the Year.

Built Right Homes, LLC

Fredericksburg Area Builders Association


We might need to start mowing soon.


March 30, 2018 My first closing! Many thanks to our real estate attorney, Jimmy Hilldrup!


Jan 19, 2018 Under Contract!

Blackhawk Homes & Gilead Home Solutions

Blackhawk Homes, LLC    Facebook Page

Gilead Home Solutions, LLC    Facebook Page


2nd Floor Full Bathroom


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations you two! I wish you much success!!!

  2. Niccole Taylor says:

    You are a part of the team. So glad we could work together like this, friend. 🙂

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