Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall is here! If you are not a fan of the frosty cold of the winter months or the scorching sun of the summer months, autumn might just be your favorite season. In addition to the beautiful weather and fresh air, fall also offers many decorating ideas that homeowners can use to beautify their homes. Here are some of the hottest trends in fall decorations for all home owners.

1. First of all, Pumpkins!

Nothing says traditional fall season décor more than pumpkins. Halloween comes during the fall and, as we all know, it can’t be Halloween without pumpkins. You can get a variety of pumpkins from your local farmers market or pumpkin patch. Use variegated gourds and pumpkins of various colors, including green, white, and yellow. Place the pumpkins in different strategic places like your porch, window sills, and balconies. Anywhere! Transform mini pumpkins into candleholders and place them strategically around your home. To do this, simply cut a one-inch wide circle in each mini pumpkin then use a table spoon to scoop out the centers. You can then insert your votive candles.

2. Craft a Fall Bouquet

Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, try a bouquet of brightly-colored autumn leaves. The bright, ever-changing colors will bring a burst of vibrance to any room. Plus, making one is easy and fun. Snip a few branches from a tree and place them in a favorite vase. You can even use branches from different trees to spice things up. If you are looking for a longer lasting fall bouquet, use faux leaves from a local craft store, instead of real leaves.

3. Make an Outdoor Fall Arrangement

Get a metal tub and use it as a fall planter for plants that are in season. Such plants include mums, wheat stalks, croton, fountain grass, Autumn Light, among others. You can place the tub on the front porch or back deck to add more life to it. Don’t forget to water regularly to keep the plants alive.

4. Hang a Colorful Wreath on your Front Door

Fall decor is not complete without something colorful hanging on the front door. And luckily, you can make one yourself. To make a wreath, get a bunch of brightly colored leaves from different trees such as oak, maple, sweet gum, dogwood, or hickory; tie them up together into a desired shape then hang it on your front door.

5. Faux-liage and Garlands

Knot a variety of fresh fall leaves and mini pumpkins onto a length of twine that you can hang on your windows or doors to give them that harvest swag. Add a touch of autumn to open bookcases, shelves, and other surfaces around the house with silk leaves from your local craft store. Whether they are strategically placed on shelves or pressed inside picture frames, autumn-colored leaves will definitely pump up the fall factor in your home. Attach some ribbons to a couple of papier-mâché gourds and suspend them from a chandelier. You can finish the look by weaving a garland of leaves around the chandelier arms.

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