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I had a vacant lot that I really needed to get rid of. I was tired of paying taxes on it. Working with Niccole was a pleasure. My wife and I always enjoyed talking to her. We were able to get the deal done.

~ A.C. Whitley


Preparing to do a rehab is always challenging and trying to foresee every expense is not possible. I needed extra funding for last minute expenses and Niccole decided she could support my project. She executed her side of the deal quickly, so that I was able to keep to my timeline. Having reliable funding for renovation projects is key to our success and Niccole will be on my call list in the future.

~ Justine K.


We were struggling to find a private money lender to help fund our rehab project when we met Niccole at a local REIA meeting.  After she mentioned to the group that she had money to lend, we discussed our project and decided it would be an excellent fit.  Niccole was able to help navigate the note preparation and closing process and was very patient with the unexpected delays we encountered.  I look forward to working with her again soon on our next project.

~ Josh H.


I wanted to purchase an investment property in a college town but was unsure of how to locate a good deal. I spoke with Niccole about options besides using a realtor and was able to locate a property immediately. Her expertise helped me find just what I was looking for.

~ Mike B.


I have an ambitious goal of renovating 20 houses this year with the help of private money lenders. Niccole has been my PML for three deals. She’s been easy to communicate with and we will be working together again soon!

~ Melissa B.


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